Secure and flexible access

With an electronic access system based on contactless people identification, replacing locks is a thing of the past. With LEGIC products and services, you get security and flexibility in the choice of your applications, suppliers and identification media. You can easily manage your independent access system and develop it when necessary. LEGIC is at your side to help you.

High security
Organisations like government institutions, banks, military organisations and airports have trusted us for over 20 years. Within the framework of Common Criteria EAL4+ security certification, LEGIC’s structures and processes have been verified to ensure they are appropriate for the development and distribution of products with high security requirements, along with security of the development environment. With LEGIC products and services, security is scalable according to your requirements.

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With the LEGIC multi-app function, systems can be subsequently extended to new applications. The LEGIC technology platform complies with all common standards and with third-party technologies like MIFARE. You also have freedom in your choice of identification media, regardless of whether you opt for smart cards, credit cards or smartphone.

Simple control of your system
LEGIC provides you with configuration software, with which you can control applications, allocate or remove authorisations in just a few clicks. You can manage your system centrally and efficiently carry out administration.

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Independence & Control
Thanks to the unique security concept, LEGIC Master-Token System Control ™, you have control over your system and thus free choice of your provider.

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