reader and transponder
reader and transponder

LEGIC products and services encompass all the components necessary for contactless people identification solutions.

Contactless people identification is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. An RFID system consists of a transponder, which is carried by the person to be identified, and a reader that reads the information stored on the transponder.
The contactless coupling between the reader and the transponder occurs via alternating electro-magnetic fields generated by the reader. Not only does this transmit data, but it also supplies the transponder with energy.
The reader is equipped with software that controls the reading process and, if necessary, interfaces to the host system.

Basic components

The LEGIC technology platform consists of the following basic components integrated in readers and transponders:

basic components

Transponder chip (ID medium)
Passive memory chip with up to 4 kB of memory, for integration into cards, key fobs, keys or as a virtual transponder in bank cards, credit cards or mobile phones (NFC).

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Reader chip
Integrated circuit (IC) with radio-frequency part and microprocessor with extensive security functions for readers used for access control, time & attendance, cashless payments, etc.

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RF Interface
Contactless data and energy transmission on 13.56 MHz for communication distances of up to 50 cm. The LEGIC technology platform support RF standards ISO 14443, ISO 15693, NFC, LEGIC RF and several third-party standards (see table below).

Software and services

The LEGIC technology platform also has development tools and configuration software, as well as wide-ranging services for license partners.

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