Your choice to suit you. We know from experience that every project is different and that each customer has their own requirements. Flexibility is therefore our guiding principle: You are free to choose each and every aspect.

  • Choice of applications: A core characteristic of the LEGIC technology platform is the multi-application capability. Applications such as access control, time & attendance, cashless payments and many others can be freely selected and combined.
  • Choice of timing: An ID system based on LEGIC products and services can be extended at any time. Do you need a time & attendance system today, but you don’t need cashless payments until tomorrow? Or would you like to spread the development of your solution over several years? With LEGIC as a partner, this is not a problem.
  • Choice of media: Smart card, key ring or smartphone. The choice of data storage media to use as ID is up to you.
  • Free choice of industry standard: The LEGIC technology platform governs all common industrial standards. You can choose one or more advant or prime RF standards. In addition, LEGIC reader chips support third-party smart cards like MIFARE.
  • Mixed reader infrastructure: An ID system with LEGIC products and services also works with mixed reader infrastructures thanks to the multi-RF transponder. This makes flexible migration possible.